Research Topics


Structure, electronic, catalytic and magnetic properties of ultrathin iron oxide, sulfide and nitride films

Ultrathin films constitute a new class of 2D materials with properties determined by the limited thickness and the interaction with the support and, therefore, different from those of the corresponding bulk materials. We study ultrathin iron oxide, sulfide and nitride films focusing on their electronic, catalytic and magnetic properties.

Related projects: First TEAM, PAN-CNR, PRELUDIUM


Hybrid materials based on epitaxial graphene

Epitaxial graphene (EG) forms by carbon atoms arrangement on a single-crystalline surface heated to high temperature. The properties of EG are determined by the interaction with the substrate (type of the substrate). These properties can, thus, be tuned by intercalation of EG with atoms of various elements. We study the intercalation mechanisms, as well as structure and properties of EG/intercalated layer/substrate hybrid systems.

Related project: OPUS

Surface science studies of nanostructures prepared in ambient conditions

(in cooperation with various researchers)